Our Company

Our Company

Started in June 2004, Suncoast Commercial Door & Hardware, Inc. (SCDH) has been dedicated to the needs of the Construction industry since inception. We began with humble beginnings tailoring to small office build-outs, industrial buildings and private commercial construction. In the years to follow, SCDH has grown with our customers to incorporate the medical industry, public and private government sector, higher education facilities, ground up hotel and office buildings, restaurant and retail build-outs. We have several national account clients that we follow across the country shipping frames, doors and hardware to all 50 states.

After initially not installing our products, I learned quickly that our customers wanted a one-stop shop. I began sub-contracting out installations as early as 2005, but quickly learned that I did not have any control over quality or scheduling. Now we install over 75% of what we sell without any sub-contracts. Quality control has risen and we are able to better serve our customers.

At the root of SCDH is our customer relations. I did not set out to be the largest door and hardware supplier; I set out to be the best. In over 10 years since we started that is still our goal. Anyone can sell a door; I sell service. If you can find a company that still believes in service and is competitively priced in the market; I believe you can find a company that you want to continually return to project after project and year after year.

I always say; “I do not have a Plan B”. I’m in it for the long haul and will do anything in my power to include you with me. We still make mistakes; we are only human; but how we handle them is drastically different than anyone in this market.

We all sincerely thank you. We know you have options and appreciate you giving us a try!

Best Regards,

Dan Cornelius


Suncoast Commercial Door & Hardware Sarasota, FL